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  • (‘christmas tree avenue’)

    Dear children, dear parents, dear friends,

    On December 7th at 4.30pm (entry from 4pm) will take place at Ballet Studio Ladoré the CHRISTMAS REVUE AVENIDA TANNENBAUM: Transcontinental Christmas Music & Dance - an international program for children and young at heart -.

    Admission is free - donations are welcome

    Claudia Maluenda invites you to the

    On September 28th 2019 at 4.30pm

    Where: Ballet Studio Ladoré, Melanchthonstraβe 12, 10557 Berlin Tiergarten

    Entry from 4pm - admission is free - donations are welcome

    Claudia Maluenda Chansons - toujours Ladoré -

    Claudia Maluenda was born in Santiago de Chile. Having fled the violent putsch in 1973, her family lived in political exile and Claudia grew up in Lima, Paris and Algiers. Later she moved to Berlin to study, and it’s in Berlin that since 2002 she runs “Ladoré Arts” and the “Salon Culturel Ladoré”, which synthesise her choreographic, dance and musical work.
    Her fourth album is the realisation of long-held plans and a departure from her previous work. As a wanderer between countries and cultures, she has learned to feel at home in this bright, yet melancholic music. The newly and individually interpreted classics on “Chansons – toujour Ladoré” are dedicated to Claudia’s French friend Marie, who had helped the family with the difficult new start in France.
    Claudia’s sensitive voice and the poetic lyrics of the newly arranged songs tell magic-realist stories filled with tenderness, longing, sorrow and joy.


  • Ballettstudio Ladoré @ Bellevue Berlin Tiergarten

    - Ballet Dance Show Yoga Pilates -

    Near S Bellevue U Hansaplatz Bus 245 187

    Phone: 030-3913270 / Mail: claudia.maluenda@ladore.de


    ADULTS INTERMEDIATE CLASSES IN BALLET, MODERN, JAZZ and SHOW (previous knowledge required):
    Please contact Claudia Maluenda on 030-3913270 or 0170-7517186 to register before your first class.

    Claudia Maluenda invites you to the

    on June 21nd 2018 at 5pm.

    Where: Ballettstudio Ladoré, Melanchthonstr.12, 10557 Berlin Tiergarten


    Children, teenagers and the JUNIOR COMPANY of LADORÉ ARTS will present excerpts of "Summer Time in Berlin", a dance & ballet performance choreographed by Claudia Maluenda.

    Reflections on “Summer Time in Berlin”:

    ...finally it’s summer in Berlin. The contrast to winter couldn’t be more pronounced.
    Berlin awakes from the terrible cold, the sun transforms its people. This is Berlin: real, easy-going, open, communicative, and even... optimistic.
    A miracle of nature?
    A day: a glorious sunrise, a sun-filled morning, suddenly lively winds awaken and turn into a thunderstorm, flashes, thunder and all. It floods us unexpectedly… The quiet after the storm is motionless, speechless, asleep...
    (Music: “Allegramente”, Piano Concerto in G major, Maurice Ravel)
    ...the sun shines again: renewed hope, new possibilities, new people, new experiences.
    Everyone is searching, yearningly and full of illusions. Despairing alone, together, in a group, with everyone... powerful? ...weak? ...meaningless? ...confused?
    (Music: “Allegro”, Concerto Grosso in B minor, Vivaldi)
    Two ladies – strangers, not in their neighbourhood – are searching for something. By accident their pathways cross. They see one another but don’t recognise each other, yet a familiar look, memories, new music – Reggae – and dance deepen their friendship.
    (Music: “Jamming”, Bob Marley)
    At night: the party... and Berlin dances... Latin!... (Music: “Let's get loud”, JLo),
    celebrates the Golden Twenties (Music: “Minor Swing”, Manouche)...
    and the disco sounds of the 80s (Music: “Celebration”, Kool & The Gang and more).

    As part of the arts festival ‘ORTSTERMIN 2017 – PROTEST’
    Claudia Maluenda invites you to the

    on July 1st 2017 at 5pm

    Musical dance theatre

    A performance in honour of the 100th birthday of Chilean protest and folk singer, poet, composer, ethnologist and fine artist VIOLETA PARRA (1917-1967), who was celebrated internationally and especially in Paris.

    Dance - Danza Ladoré with Julia, Kibibi and Lucia
    Music - Canción Ladoré with Yanina, Rodrigo and Alvaro
    Choreography, dance, vocals - Claudia Maluenda

    At Ballettstudio Ladoré, Melanchthonstr.12, 10557 Berlin Tiergarten

  • DANZA Ladoré presents "SUMMERTIME in Berlin"
    The children, teenagers and young dancers of BALLET STUDIO LADORÉ dance a selection of new choreography by Claudia Maluenda.

    When: Saturday, 9th July 2016 at 4pm (entry from 3.30pm)
    Where: Ballet Studio Ladoré, Melanchthonstr. 12, 10557 Berlin Tiergarten
    Entry: free (donations welcome)
    Photography and filming are not allowed during the performance.

    As part of the arts festival ‘ORTSTERMIN 2016 - FLIGHT and IDENTITY’
    Claudia Maluenda invites you to the
    10th Salon Culturel Ladoré
    on June 4th 2016 at 4pm

    Concert and CD release of her new album
    ‘Sentimiento, Protesta y Amor’
    Latinoamérica, mon amour … Vol. III

    Opening of the exhibition
    ‘Uprooted – Rooted’
    Printmaking and poster art from Chile
    Selection of Marc S.’ private collection
    Exhibition on Saturday, 4th and Sunday, 5th June, from 2-7pm

    At Ballet studio Ladoré, Melanchthonstr.12, 10557 Berlin Tiergarten

    Printmaking and poster art from Chile

    Selection of Marc S.’ private collection

    Chile may seem a distant land, yet its complex history is very close to ours in some aspects.
    Chile has produced a multifaceted, independent and unique graphics and poster art, which is rooted in several characteristic traditions:
    Aside from the melting pot of different cultures, that’s so typical of many Latin American countries, this is mostly the art of the indigenous peoples of Chile that has survived until today, and of course the close connection of modern Chilean artists with the everyday life of the man (and woman) on the street as well as the dramatic political developments of the second half of the 20th century, that led to brutal persecution, flight, exile, search for identity and return after a difficult odyssey of some of this art form’s most prominent representatives.
    The exhibition aims to represent this wide range.
    Amongst others it will show works by Santos Chávez, Victor Contreras Tapias, Hernando León und Guillermo Núñez, individual examples of Murales (Street Art) as well as some historical and political posters.

    CD „SENTIMIENTO, Protesta y Amor“ Latinoamérica, mon amour … Vol. III:

    About “Sentimiento, Protesta y Amor”
    The memory of an irretrievable past, the loss of a familiar home, flight and displacement, the difficulties of beginning a new existence, and adapting to an alien reality while conserving one’s identity have been the leitmotifs of many biographies throughout history.
    Current events move people worldwide. For Claudia Maluenda they stir memories of her own childhood and youth. Persecuted by Pinochet’s military dictatorship that violently overthrew the democratically elected government of president Dr Salvador Allende, her family had to flee her home town of Santiago de Chile in 1973.
    At first their flight led them to Lima in Peru, her father’s home country. Then their formative “Odyssey” led them through Paris, Algiers and at last back to Peru during the difficult 1980s before returning to Santiago de Chile when the dictatorship had ended.
    Claudia Maluenda started her own family in Berlin and since completing her studies she has worked as a freelance dance artist and singer in concerts, dance and musical productions.
    Since 2002 she directs “Ladoré Arts”, a synthesis of her choreographic, dance and musical work. In her ballet studio she hosts “Salon Culturel Ladoré”, a series of social and cultural events, and provides dance classes and artistic training for children and teenagers.
    “Sentimiento, Protesta y Amor”, is a CD about not forgetting. Claudia Maluenda dedicates it to her family in Chile and Peru, to her friends and to all victims of the Pinochet dictatorship who were tortured, “disappeared” or died, to all who are today suffering from injustice and to all who fight against it.
    “I sing songs, that have accompanied us in the years of our flight and that have helped us conserve our identity, that tell of the good and bad in life and of humanity and justice.” “Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto… thanks be to life that has given me so much”.
    Claudia Maluenda Berlin 2016

  • 9th Salon Culturel Ladoré

  • As part of "ORTSTERMIN 2015" Claudia Maluenda invites you to the 9th Salon Culturel Ladoré with two exhibitions and a dance and music performance by Ladoré Arts:
    Merav Leibküchler: "THE GAME", paintings, and Anna Rozkosny: "CESTA", photography

    Merav Leibküchler is a young German-Israeli artist who has lived in Berlin since 2011. Since 2012 she studies fine arts at the University of the Arts Berlin (UDK).
    Before that she trained in contemporary dance at MASPA (Matte Asher School of Performing Arts) in Israel.
    Merav describes her arts as a manuscript for her "game". Every art work is a step, which connects with the others or gets lost in chaos. She "plays" with her fears, passions and with emptiness.

    Anna Rozkosny is a young artist born in Berlin. She trained to be a photo designer at Lette-Verein and now works as a freelance photographer.
    CESTA, the title of this exhibition, is Czech for "journey".

    "So you know your goal" he asked. "Yes", I replied, "I've just told you. Out of here – that's my goal."
    (Franz Kafka, "The Departure")

    Saturday, 4th and Sunday, 5th July 2015, from 2-7pm
    Saturday, 4th July at 4pm: Ladoré Arts Dance & Music Performance
    Ballet Studio Ladoré, Melanchthonstraße 12, 10557 Berlin

    Additional dates for viewing can be arranged up until 8th July. Please call 030 3913270 to pre-book.

  • Claudia Maluenda & Ladoré Arts present excerpts of the festive revue AVENIDA TANNENBAUM

  • – a seasonal programme for the whole family, the young and the young at heart -

    Ensemble Ladoré – children and teenagers of Ballet Studio Ladoré – present a selection of dances from Claudia Maluenda’s Christmas revue "Avenida Tannenbaum" with transcontinental Christmas music from her CD "Peces en el Rio".

    Where: Ballet Studio Ladoré, Melanchthonstraße 12, 10557, Berlin Tiergarten

    When: Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 4.30pm, doors open from 4pm

    Entry: 3 €, children (6 years and older) 1 €, children (6 years and younger) free

    Contact: 030 3913270 and 0170 7517186

  • 8th Salon Culturel Ladoré

  • On the occasion of Chile's national holiday Claudia Maluenda & Ladoré Arts present the 8th SALON CULTUREL LADORÉ with a concert by Chilean composer and musician Rodrigo Santa María, whose artistic roots lie in the richness and diversity of Latin-American music.
    He unites various music styles from Brazilian Bossa Nova to Chacarera and Argentinean Zamba of South America’s east coast to Peruvian Landó, the rhythms of the high plains and Chilean folk music of the west coast.
    He plays contemporary guitar music that fuses folk, classical and modern elements in a unique style.
    On this occasion he will be accompanied by two saxophones and present music from his CDs „Sobras Completas“ and „Élitro“.

    Music: „Rodrigo Santa María Trio“
    Rodrigo Santa María (guitar and vocals)
    Yanina Lombardi (alto saxophone)
    Carlo Scandurra (alto and soprano saxophone)

    Furthermore the closing event of the exhibition „Landscapes of Chile“ – landscape photography by photographer Anna Rozkosny will be taking place.

    Buffet with wine and snacks from Chile
    Saturday, September 20th, 2014, from 4.30 to 7pm, Ballet Studio Ladoré
  • 7th Salon Culturel Ladoré

  • As part of the „Kulturfestival Wedding Moabit“ Claudia Maluenda & Ladoré Arts present the 7th SALON CULTUREL LADORÉ and the opening event of the exhibition „Landscapes of Chile“ – landscape photography by photographer Anna Rozkosny from Berlin.
    Anna has been particularly fascinated with the dry lands of the North of Chile and the vast landscapes of the Atacama Desert. In this exhibition she focuses on these regions.
    With a distant yet poetic camera she takes us to the Antofagasta Region and the misty landscapes of the national park „Bosque de Fray Jorge“ in Coquimbo Region.

    Music: „Canción Ladoré“
    with Rodrigo Santa María, Chile (guitar and vocals) and Yanina Lombardi, Argentinien (saxophone).

    Buffet with wine and snacks from Chile
    Saturday, September 13th, 2014, from 4.30 to 7pm, Ballet Studio Ladoré

  • "Celebration, Dance, Music, Buffet"

    You’re invited to the opening event of the new dance space!

    Saturday, 30 November 2013 at 4pm, Ballet Studio Ladoré
  • 6th Salon Culturel Ladoré

  • I am delighted to invite you to the 6th Salon Culturel Ladoré and opening of the exhibition “ÜBERBLEIBSEL – RESTE” (Residues – Leftovers) with paintings and painting-collages by MERAV LEIBKÜCHLER. It will take place as part of “ORTSTERMIN 2013”.

    The young German-Isreali artist Merav Leibküchler lives in Moabit. Her artistic theme is a feeling of ease and restraint. It conceals calm as well as storm, which may erupt at any time.

    Ballet Studio Ladoré

    Opening event: Friday June 7th, 2013 at 8pm
    Saturday June 8th, 2013 2-7pm
    Sunday June 9th, 2013 2-6pm

  • Festive charity gala in support of the Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Aid)

    Akademie der Künste, Studio Großes Parkett

    Sunday, June 17, 2012 at 4pm

    Children and teenagers of Ballet Studio Ladoré present excerpts from their repertoire.
    Claudia Maluenda & Ensemble Ladoré as well as invited friends & special guests celebrate with them: 10 YEARS OF LADORÉ ARTS – a festive charity gala with music, dance and poetry in support of the Deutsche Krebshilfe.

    Organiser: Ladoré Arts by Claudia Maluenda.

      January 3, 2002 – First show by LADORÉ - Revue Internationale de Danse & Chanson
      Then as now the show opens with „OUVERTURE!“, an elegant revue ballet, and is followed by further dances such as the choreographed chanson „LA FOULE“ or the modern interpretation of „TANGO“.
      Easter 2002 - Start of dance classes for children in BALLET STUDIO LADORÉ
      More than 60 students present excerpts from their wide repertoire for you.
      Several students already participate in the professional company Ensemble Ladoré.

      Autumn 2002 - Premiere of the Chanson Revue „Latinoamérica, mon amour...“ The songs presented today, „MA LIBERTÉ“ and „GAROTA DE IPANEMA“, are just an excerpt of this varied and extensive programme of chansons and songs.

      2007 – Introduction of „Dance for Oncological Patients“
      The idea to support patients' recovery through dance could be continuously expanded and developed thanks to a sponsor for this scientifically supported project.

      2002-2012 ... in these 10 years various events, concerts and galas took place as well as many more activities by
      LADORÉ ARTS by Claudia Maluenda: the event series „Salon Culturel Ladoré“, CDs „Latinoamérica, mon amour...“ and „Peces En El Rio“, the children and youth revues „A Danced Wander“ and „Journey around the World“, the Christmas programme „Avenida Tannenbaum“, etc.

      All these activities join together in a programme appealing to all ages in the festive charity gala at the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of LADORÉ ARTS, which we would like to dedicate to the DEUTSCHE KREBSHILFE in order to support the fight against this disease with MUSIC, DANCE and POETRY.
      I am delighted to present to you the results of ten years of fulfilling and exciting and always surprising and passionate work. The children, teenagers and adult participants have worked very hard and were full of commitment during their classes and rehearsals. I particularly thank them and my friends and guests Maria Antonia, Gloria, Lea, Rodrigo, Uwe, Tom, Marco and Magic Clown Yupp. A love for dancing, playing music and singing are the driving force for our artistic work. Working with all the participants of this gala was a source of inspiration, strength, and love for life for me: This is what LADORÉ ARTS is about!
      I would like to thank all the parents and friends, who have supported me, the sponsors and donors as well as the Akademie der Künste and wish you all much fun and happiness!

      Claudia Maluenda
  • SUMMER SOUNDS (‚Sommerklänge‘) Foundation Stift Neuzelle

  • Orangery in the monastery garden, August 13, 2011 at 7pm
    Claudia Maluenda & Canción Ladoré present
    „Latinoamérica, mon amour...“ - Music from Latin America & France

    Claudia Maluenda - Vocals · Rodrigo Santa Maria - Guitar · Alejandro Soto Lacoste - Keyboard · Cristian Carvacho - Percussion

  • Dear children, parents and friends!
    I would like to invite you to BALLETTSTUDIOS LADORÉ'S DANCE FESTIVAL 2011.
    Children and teenagers show extracts from the Children and Youth Revue „A Danced Wander“ by Claudia Maluenda.

    We are looking forward to see you!

    Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 3.30 pm

    Function room in St. Laurentius Parish Church Berlin-Mitte

  • as part of the Moabiter Kulturtage 2010 "Inselglück" ('Happiness on our isle')
    on Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 3pm

    Performance by children and teenagers of Ballet Studio Ladoré with extracts from Children and Youth Revues
    by Claudia Maluenda
    and Mika Yuasa’s courses for children

    Performance by adults of Ballet Studio Ladoré
    Belly Dance with Christine Chemara
    Ballet with Angela Reinhardt, former principal dancer of the Komische Oper Berlin
    Dance for oncological patients and Latin Jazz Dance with Claudia Maluenda
    among others

    As well as several surprises

    Celebrate and enjoy the buffet
    Sale of t-shirts and CDs/ DVDs by Ladoré

    Ballet Studio Ladoré
  • LADORÉ: Revue Internationale de Danse & Chanson

  • at the Deutsch-Französische Volksfest (‘German-French Fair’)
    in the Artists’ Village ‘Petite France’
    Opening event on June 11, 2010
    Closing show on July 14, 2010
    Zentraler Festplatz at Kurt – Schumacher – Damm, Berlin
  • MOABIT MELANGE - Christmas market in the Arminiushalle

  • Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 3pm:

    Children and teenagers of BALLET STUDIO LADORÉ present dances from the Christmas Revue “AVENIDA TANNENBAUM” (‘Christmas Tree Avenue’) by Claudia Maluenda.

    Furthermore the band CANCIÓN LADORÉ will play seasonal live music with songs from the CD „Los Peces en el Rio – transcontinental christmas music“.

  • I am delighted to present an exclusive collection of paintings by young Japanese artists from November 21, 2009 at the Ballet Studio Ladoré.

    Opening of the exhibition “Aesthetics and Ornamentation“ with works by Taro Otani and Misako Kokubo, Nanako Shikata, Testsuhiro and Kiyomi Uozumi as well as Atsushi Tawa

    Claudia Maluenda recites classical Japanese haiku by Matsuo Basho.
    She is accompanied by CANCIÓN LADORÉ
    (Gloria Diaz, violin & Rodrigo Santa Maria, guitar)
    playing Erik Satie.
    Afterwards I invite you to join a buffet with wine.

    Ballet Studio Ladoré, 4pm on Saturday, November 21, 2009


      “I am a Japanese artist, but have lived in Germany since 20 years of age.
      After graduating in Painting from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Karlsruhe, I worked first in Leipzig and have lived in Berlin since 2006.
      In addition to my fundamental knowledge of Japanese and Asian arts, I gained access to modern European painting traditions during my studies in Germany.
      A focal point of my work is my interest in the influences European cultural tradition has on contemporary perception and mindset.
      Therefore my training in Europe was of great importance, enhancing my knowledge of Asian characteristics.
      My motivation as a painter is the attempt to develop a new pictorial language within the European modernistic tradition. Even though my works are hardly conceptual, an exhaustive examination of artistic and cultural theories is essential for my creations.
      Having been distanced from the Japanese traditions I am now able to critically reflect on them and approach them with European means, thereby creating novel work. I would like to contribute to the strengthening of artistic transfer between two cultures, the traditional Japanese and the modern-Western, which were originally at odds with each other.“

  • Ballet Studio Ladoré
    as part of the Moabiter Kulturtage “Inselglück 2009” (‘Happiness on our isle’)
    Dance & Concert, Saturday, June 27, 2009

      Performance by children and teenagers of Ballet Studio Ladoré
      with extracts from the Children and Youth Revue “A Danced Wander” by Claudia Maluenda
      and students from Mika Yuasa’s course “Ballet for boys”

      Performance by adults of Ballet Studio Ladoré
      with Belly Dance (Christine Chemara),
      Ballet (Angela Reinhardt, former principal dancer of the Komische Oper Berlin),
      Tango (Laura Priori),
      Pilates (Anja Richter),
      Dance for oncological patients
      and Latin Jazz Dance (both Claudia Maluenda)

      Concert with Canción Ladoré
      Guitar: Rodrigo Santa Maria
      Violin: Gloria Diaz
      Percussion: Cristian Carvacho

      Celebrate, enjoy the buffet and browse the arts and crafts bazaar
  • AVENIDA TANNENBAUM (‘Christmas Tree Avenue’)

  • The grand Ladoré Gala on St. Nicholas Day
    A seasonal programme for the young and the young at heart

    Live music, song and dance with Claudia Maluenda & Ensemble Ladoré
    (Rodrigo Santa Maria: guitar, musical director and arrangements;
    Gloria Diaz: violin; Victor Ocaña: bass guitar; Alvaro Recabarren: percussion)
    Dance performance by children and teenagers of Ballet Studio Ladoré

    Akademie der Künste, Saturday, December 6, 2008 at 4pm

  • Ballet Studio Ladoré, October 12, 2008 - 4pm

    Opening event of “Anna träumt” (‘Anna dreams’) - Paintings in oil and acrylic by Monika Schüler

    Claudia Maluenda & Canción Ladoré
    CD_Release «Los Peces en el Rio» (transcontinental christmas music)

  • MOABITER KULTURTAGE 2008 “INSELGLÜCK” (‘Happiness on our isle’)

  • OPEN HOUSE on Saturday, June 28, 2008
    & Closing event of the exhibition “Immer mit der Mode mit...” (‘Always following the fashion…’) – Drawings by Dr. Brigitte Bleibaum

      SATURDAY, 3 to 4.30pm
      OPEN HOUSE for children and teenagers:
      Performance by children and teenagers with extracts of the Children and Youth Revue “Eine Weltreise” (‘Journey Around The World’) by Claudia Maluenda and by children of the social project “Martial Arts” with Dipita Schäfer

      SATURDAY, 4.30 to 5pm
      Opening of arts and crafts bazaar and buffet:

      SATURDAY, 5 to 6.30pm
      OPEN HOUSE for adults:
      Performance by adults, every 15 minutes another course with another dance style:
      Latin Jazz Dance – Choreography Claudia Maluenda
      Belly Dance/Yoga – Choreography Christine Chemara
      Ballet – Choreography Angela Reinhardt
           (former principal dancer of the Komische Oper Berlin)
      Tango Argentino – Choreography Laura Priori
      Taiji Quan/Qi-Gong - with Dipita Schäfer
      Pilates - with Anja Richter

  • March 08, 2008 - 4pm - Ballet Studio Ladoré

    Opening event of the exhibition “Immer mit der Mode mit...” (‘Always following the fashion…’) – Drawings by Dr. Brigitte Bleibaum

    Concert with Rodrigo Santa Maria & Grupo
    Arts and Crafts Bazaar & Buffet
  • New Year’s Eve Gala Park-Hotel Berlin Schloss Kaulsdorf

  • „It is an established tradition that LADORÉ; - Revue Internationale de Danse & Chanson take part in the New Year’s celebrations of this exceptional hotel.

    In addition to the enchanting dancers of the ‘Revue Ballet Ladoré’, ‘Canción Ladoré’ are set to get you dancing with sweeping Latin rhythms. Gloria Diaz (violin), Alejandro Soto (piano, guitar, vocals) and Cristian Carvacho (percussion, guitar, sound).

    Be captivated and celebrate the New Year's Eve 2007 with LADORÉ in the Ring Hotel Schloss Kaulsdorf Berlin.“
  • New Year’s Eve Gala Weststrand Hotel Ahrenshoop

  • "LADORÉ - Revue Internationale de Danse & Chanson present:

    Dance performance with dancer and choreographer Claudia Maluenda & Ensemble.

    LADORÉ takes part in the celebrations of New Year's Eve 2007 in the Weststrand Hotel Ahrenshoop and cordially invites you to welcome the New Year with us."

  • I cordially invite you and your children to our advent party at the Ballet Studio Ladoré.

    On the 3rd Sunday in Advent, December 16, 2007 at 4pm

    - Christmas music with Canción Ladoré
      (Gloria Diaz, violin / Alejandro Soto, piano / Cristian Carvacho, percussion)
    - The actress Brigitte Reimers reads the Christmas story
      "Die Weihnachtsgans Auguste" (‘The Christmas goose Auguste’) by Friedrich Wolf
    - Father Christmas
    - Seasonal arts and crafts bazaar

  • October 27, 2007 - 7pm – Ballet Studio Ladoré

    Opening event of the exhibition “Movements”
    Black and white photographs by Rané Schmidt

    Music: Claudia Maluenda & Canción Ladoré
    Claudia Maluenda (vocals), Gloria Diaz (violin),
    Alejandro Soto (keyboard), Cristian Carvacho (percussion)
    Danse Orientale - Christine Chemara
    Tango Contemporain - Claudia Maluenda & Compagnie Ladoré
  • Falkensee Concert for the 2nd Event of the “Bündnis gegen Rechts-Falkensee”
    (‘Alliance against right-wing extremism in Falkensee’)"

  • September 22, 2007 - Falkensee
  • Konzertsommer im Englischen Garten
    (‘Summer of Concerts in the English Garden Berlin’)

  • August 25, 2007 - Berlin
    Claudia Maluenda & Canción Ladoré - "Latinoamérica, mon amour...":

    Chansons from Latin America and France… a musical journey through time and space…
    In their diverse programme “Latinoamérica, mon amour…” Claudia Maluenda and her musicians fuse two characteristic genres - French Chanson and the diversity of Latin-American music - to a novel musical experience.
    Claudia Maluenda’s sensitive voice and lyrics full of poetry tell tales of “real magic”: they enchant audiences with tenderness, passion, sorrow, happiness and yearning, all at the same time.
    The musical range includes soulful, reflective chansons, newly interpreted jazz, bolero and bossa nova, salsa, son and tango titles as well as dance music.
  • MOABITER KULTURTAGE 2007 "INSELGLÜCK" (‘Happiness on our isle’)

  • at the Ballet Studio Ladoré from June 28 to July 1

      FRIDAY 4 to 10pm
      OPENING EVENT of the exhibition “Körperästhetik in Licht und Schatten” (‘Body aesthetics in light and shadow’) by BERND ALTROCK
      CLAUDIA MALUENDA presents her new CD "Latinoamérica, mon amour ..."
      CLAUDIA CEGIELKA presents exclusive artistic FASHION ACCESSORIES from her current collection

      SATURDAY 3 to 6pm
      OPEN HOUSE for children and teenagers:
      Performance by children and teenagers of Ballet Studio Ladoré with extracts from the Children and Youth Revue “A Danced Wander” by Claudia Maluenda.

      SUNDAY 3 to 6pm
      OPEN HOUSE for adults:
      Performance by adults of Ballet Studio Ladoré, every half hour another course with another dance style:
      Latin jazz dance with a DANCED FASHION SHOW, choreography and direction Claudia Maluenda, clothing Claudia Cegielka; belly dance, choreography and direction: Christine Chemara; ballet with Angela Reinhardt (former principal dancer at the Komische Oper Berlin); Tango Argentino with Laura Priori; introduction of the new teachers at Ballet Studio Ladoré with Sarka Hildebrandt, Anja Richter, Edsel Scott and Dipita Schäfer

      SUNDAY 6 to 10pm
      Celebrate with Ballet Studio Ladoré:
      All students, parents, teachers and friends are cordially invited to celebrate with us to French and Latin-American music and a lite buffet.

  • In time for the 50th anniversary of the Hansa quarter Berlin (Interbau 1957) we are pleased to join the festivities of the famous quarter by celebrating our own 5th Anniversary.
    Children and teenagers of the Ballet Studio Ladoré present extracts from the Children and Youth Revue “A Danced Wander” on May 12, 2007
    Choreography and direction: Claudia Maluenda
    May 12, 2007 - Hansaplatz - Festbühne

  • On the 5th anniversary of the Ballet Studio Ladoré, Claudia Maluenda presents her Children and Youth Revue “Eine Tanzwanderung” (‘A Danced Wander’).
    The audience and performers “wander” through the diverse “dance landscapes” (Classical ballet, modern and jazz dance) they have learned during their studies with Claudia Maluenda. They are accompanied by music and poetry.

    The show takes place at ATZE- Theatre and Concert Hall for Children on April 29, 2007 at 3pm and 5pm.

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